The Kentmere Horseshoe Fell Race

16th July 2006
11 miles 3,500 ft
Mark Pickup Joined me to spectate at this one. It was a club race, and so attracted a few fellow Bowland Fell Runners.
It was a hot day and I found the race hard towards the end. It is a nice route with plenty of running. But the descent off Kentmere Pike is rough, deceptively long and tough. Still I held on and put in a real effort. I was proud of this performance. I finished 103 rd in 2 hours 7 mins. Well inside the top half of the field. This was the first race were I felt like I had made a good sustained effort throughout, and I learned a lot about middle - long distance fell races.

Skiddaw Fell Race

3rd July 2006
10 miles 2,700 ft
I enjoyed this race so much the previous year that I decided to do it again. I like the purity of the race, if not the terrain, which is very hard on the feet when descending. The idea of running to the top of a hill and back down as quick as possible is a simple idea. No doubt in those village fetes of many years ago this simple idea created what we know as Fell running today. This particular hill Skiddaw is 1 of the largest base to peak ascents in lake-land so it has its own special appeal.
The day was hot and made for a tough ascent, I struggled a bit more this year due to my lack of fitness. I made the top reasonably comfortably, but on the descent started to feel it, and actually had to stop running due to a stitch. I managed to get going again to finish in 1 hr 37 mins. 8 minutes slower than 2005 but due to either, a lower quality field, or hotter conditions, I finished 12 places higher in 39th.