Recce of Paddy Buckley Leg 3 Llanberis to Llyn Ogwen

10th May 2008
15 miles 7,800 ft
This was part of my preperation for my upcoming atempt on the Paddy Buckley round. It was good training for me, and good hill work for Will and Ian for their upcoming Bob Graham rounds. Not useful for learning their route, but I reminded them that they may find this useful one day when, sorry I meen if, they have a go.
The day started off by the long drive down to Llanberis, we were in seperate cars, as I was camping over that night. On arrival in Llanberis I quickly pitched my ravers tent (dont ask). We then drove to the car park in Llanberis. The mist seamed to be clearing as we went up the start of the miners path. we went wrong here and missed the right turn. After a short detour we were back on track. We managed the ridge from the Elidirs along to the Glyders without misshap, and all the while the clouds were clearing. I neglected to ware a hat and eat enough, something I would pay for later.We paused after Glyder Fawr to take some photos on the cantilever stone. Then raced over to Tryfan. We then did a partial decsent to the Llyn Idwal tarn and then headed for the pass of Devils Kitchen. We planned to go over the pass and down the other side to Gwastadnant. Then run back down the road to Llanberis. Half way up the climb I ran out of fuel. I was struggling to move more the 40 foot at a time. It felt like I was high up on Everest. I forced some energy bar down, and told Ian I may take a while. After a very slow ascent and painful stitch ridden descent over the other side we hit the road. Ian and Will disapeared as I feebley ran and walked all the way to Llanberis, tail firmly fixed between the legs. This was not good for my confidence. I got a lift off them back up to the campsite, as soon as my bum hit the back seat my legs cramped, not nice. The evening however was beautiful. A couple of beers helped with getting rid of the aches and pains. I reminiced on the day reminding myself that I did not ware a cap, and I did not eat anything like enough, and that theses were the reasons for my demise. Not my lack of fitness.

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