Support for Dave Aspdens Bob Graham Round Leg 3

9th June 2007
Dunmail - Wasdale 15 miles 7,500 ft
Then back via Stonethwaite - Dunmail 5.5 miles 2,000 ft
I was looking to recce parts of the BG as research for my attempt. So to be a part of the support for Dave's successful attempt was a very good experience.

Will joined me for the very early morning drive up to Dunmail Raise. Not early enough though as Dave and his support were ahead of schedule. Our 2:30 am arrival was 1/2 an hour too late. So we quickly got changed and scampered up Steel Fell. We decided to go straight in between Sergeant Man and High Raise and try and meet them on the way to Thunacr Knott.

As we arrived at Thunacr Knott we noticed a group on Harrison Stickle so we scampered over, only to discover it was in fact a father and son doing some rough camping. We waited on Harrison and in the gorgeous early morning light we took some photos, then noticed Dave and his team on their way towards us. This is a very long leg and is often a make or break leg for the round. Dave looked good and kept up a nice pace. The weather helped, and by the time we reached the enigma, that is Broad Stand, the team had decided dry rock meant they were to free climb it. The saving of time compared to the risk was deemed worth it. I was still going over this risk to reward in my head, and coming up with the answer that Foxes Tarn should be my route.
On arrival Will and I decided to have a look at it. Before I knew it I was through fat mans agony and climbing it. Will held my foot firm in the very small foot hold, so I didn't slip. It is without doubt the most exposed climbing I have done, 1 slip is almost certain death. But we all negotiated it safely. I felt incredibly relieved to have got it out of the way. We scrambled our way up the rest of Sca Fell then enjoyed the long descent down to Wasdale. Dave had a break here whilst Will and I negotiated our return to the car, with his support crew. We managed to get a lift as far as Stonethwaite, from here we filled up with water in the beck and headed up the valley in the ever increasing heat. We went via Greenup Edge back to Dunmail to complete a good days training, and it was a beautiful days running into the bargain.

Dave did a fantastic job and completed his round in 22:15.

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