Anniversary waltz Fell race

Sat April 18th

11.6 miles
3,638 feet

Hot and sunny, too hot really . But I wasn't complaining. I set off fast and was up with the leaders (the cream of the crop were at an English counter) until the first gentle climb up the road leading to Robinson. When it steepened on the walking climb up to High snap bank I felt the pace and slowed down, feeling tired I just plugged away. On the run along the summit I started to pick up a bit and feel more comfortable.

I ran most of Hindscarth and all of Dale head, this is where I passed Fellow Bowlander Sam Harrison. I kept the pace even and on my new preferred line off Dale head Simon Booth passed me, he was the leader in the Teenager With Altitude race (it shares the same route to the end, joining at Robinson summit). I managed to stay with him until near the top of High spy.
On the run to the finish I could see Mark Irving ahead but could only closed to about 500m by the descent off Catbells. Still I managed to finish in a pleasing 14th in 1h:54:10 out of 192 runners. Jack wood won the race in 1h:41:47.

Lancaster 3 bridges 10k

Sun 12th April

6.2 miles
130 feet

Wet windy cold. Again. Not a day for a PB. I pushed it hard for the first 3 miles with the wind at my back but felt the effort was too much. On the stairs to the aqueduct I felt I needed to ease off. At this point I lost 5th place. I felt like i was hanging on as we headed back into the strong wind. I really doubted if I could make it. But I pushed on and just about managed to hold onto 6th place with a time of 37:15 and 1st V40 by default as V40s were in the top 3. Getting Butler won in 33.38 out of 282 finishers.