Dinner : The Bob Graham Round

13th October 2007

Anyone who completes the Bob Graham round, as Bob did, in under 24 hours is invited to a Bob Graham dinner. This is to receive a certificate and formally accept your inscription into the Bob Graham 24 hour club. The event is held biennially at the Shap Wells Hotel in shap.

I took along my friend Mark, whom formed half of my excellent road support on the round, his girlfriend Pam, and my mother and sister. Joan and Diane. We all enjoyed the evening, the meal was good and seeing everyone merrily receiving the spoils of there hard work was very humbling. After previously reading about his devotion to recording and supporting Bob Graham Rounds, I took great pride in receiving my certificate from Fred Rodgerson. The evening continued with a dance and a few a beers. It was a great evening and one which I am glad that I will be invited to attend, as all members are, in 2 years time.

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