The Ian Hodgson Relay

7th Sept 2007
Leg 3 the short one about 4.5 miles and 1,450 ft

I would not normally be invited to take part in this event. Only the A teams take part in this relay. Normally in fell relays e.g. Calderdale Way, Mary Townly Loop there are B and even C teams. Due to illness and injury, the A team was short of runners, so I was asked to take part. Naturally I jumped at the chance.
I did leg 3 with Mike Meadowcroft. This is a short sharp incline followed by a flat-ish run over the top and a nice run down to patterdale. We both ran pretty well and only dropped a couple of places. It was good fun to compete in the relay. Watching Sean and Mike come home in 12th place hours after doing our leg was good, as I don’t normally stay to see the finish. A beer and chat in the local was a nice way to end a great day. I savoured the experience, as I knew this could be my last I.H. Relay for a few years. Unless I get considerably faster in races!

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