Recce of Bob Graham Round for Will and Ians Attempts leg 1

10th Feb 2008
16 miles 5,600 ft

Will, Ian and I planned this as 1 of many recces we would do prior to their B.G, and as general training for my Paddy Buckley attempt. Bill joined us at Keswick and we all jogged to the Moot Hall to start the leg from its traditional start point.

It was a beautiful start to the day, a crisp clear winters day with little wind. This was good as it would give Ian and Will a good look at the route, as this was a leg that were not familiar with. I took my camera and took some great photos of the surrounding vista. We ran the leg at a good pace Over the 3 large summits of Skiddaw, Great Calva and Blencathra. On Blencathra we decided to chose different descent lines. Bill and Will went the steep route via Middle tongue, and Ian and I were supposed to go via Doddick Fell. I say supposed to, because we missed the right turn and ended up going almost to Scales Farm on Scales Fell. I realised this too late and all we could do is cut back through towards Goat Craggs and run along the valley bottom. Needless to say we lost the ,unofficial, race down.

Reunited at Gategill we ran back to Keswick via the old railway line. Will and I ran strong and Ian and Bill weren't too far behind. It was a good training day we had about 3 hours 45 mins on the hill and another 40 mins continuous running on the flat.

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