Carneddau recce take 2

3rd of April
15 miles and 5,200 feet

We were good to our word and returned to Wales to have (we hoped) a proper recce of this wonderful ridge. This time fellow Bowland member Chris Reade joined us.

It was a much better day and Will and Ian got an expert guidance of the best lines by Chris. This time the weather was beautiful. Apart from a little bit of snow on the ascent of Pen yr ole wen, we had clear visibility. The only thing to slow us down this time was the amount of snow on the ground. It was all the way down to the valley floor in patches. We decided to use the summer lines even though these had deeper snow on them. The reason for this is that they are mostly grassy areas away from the main ridge. Still it gave us all a good work out. As sometimes our feet would hold near the top of the crusty snow and other times we would break through 6 inches down, really energy sapping stuff.

Still we persevered and completed the circuit on 4 hours 50 minutes. Not bad given the 1 hour run to Pen yr ole wen and the underfoot conditions. All in all a great days running in what at times looked like and alpine scene, and was almost as warm as a summers day.

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Ian Charters said...

Great pictures, Alan, very atmospheric. Looks like a really good day out (: