23rd May Run in the sun down Mataro beach front

Mataro is not a fantastic place for a holiday. (and as I keep telling myself I am not strictly speaking on a holiday) The free bus from this campsite into Barcelona make this a good budget base for the city though. The only life that I have found in Mataro has been some sort of drum banging student protest at the town hall. Apart from that it is the least lively big city I have been to (population 150,000). I hold much higher hopes for my birthday treat to Barcelona tomorrow.

Mataro has a reasonably pleasant beach. I explored it today by having a run down the beach front in the midday heat. What is it they say about mad dogs and English men? It was a fairly pleasant start until I was reminded that I was running on a trail between the beach and a railway line. I was startled by a train that was speeding towards me about 4 feet to my right. Apart from that it was a nice run down the beach next to the water (like hill work) and a long a long harbour wall.

I booked my next stop point today. On Friday I will be going to Andora La Vella and staying in a Hotel for 4 nights, with breakfast laid on, oh the luxury. Another birthday treat to myself, aren’t I generous? But it is a budget hotel.

A video from the F1 of Hamilton closing in on Vettel near the end.

A video of the first lap alonso in the lead but only until the first pit stops.


Anonymous said...

Andorra sounds good. Don't become too accustomed to the qualities of the luxury hotel with breakfast! Enjoying the updates, hope your having a great time and Happy Birthday!


Emma said...

Happy Birthday.
Barcelona?? Bit like marmite!!!


Cheers James yes it is just a temoporay break from the tent. #
R.e. most 24th may post. i remember your story from that area. maybe he was pick pocketed after all!


Thanks Emma. I totaly agree. i kind of hate it now. I Still like mamrmite though.