20th Oct Cumbian Traverse atempt

It was a while back now and only 5 days after the RRR 50; but true to form I am slow to report on failure; this time it was Bill and I having an attempt on the Cumbrian Traverse. It is a South to North crossing of the Lakeland hills it includes 21 tops of and 35 miles and 12,000 feet. Starting from Broughton mills and ending at Keswicks Moot Hall.
To summarise we set off fast in cold weather, it clouded over and got cold at Dow Crag, Gene missed us at our planned rendezvous at 3 shires stone. We carried on without enough food, in mist we got lost and cold just after Crinkle crags. Got back on track and slowed down until reaching Honister, still no Gene and we had no mobile phone. So now very hungry and worried we stopped at the quarry and contacted her. She was in Keswick, don’t really know why, but we decided to call it a day only 9 miles and about 2,000 feet from the end.
It was a bit disappointing to finish that way, but it leaves me with more desire to do it next year, either with someone or on my own, and maybe try for a quick one in ideal conditions.

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Bill said...

You had a whole bar left!!