The Isle of Man Mountain Ultra : 3rd October

31.2 miles
8,600 feet

I love this race. The whole deal of getting a ferry from Heysham on Friday afternoon and returning on Sunday evening, makes it feel like a holiday with a race in the middle. Thats why this was to be my 4th year on the spin doing this race.

Unfortunately the fall out from feeling ill for 2 weeks, after the Lakes Sky Ultra meant that I just didn't feel ready for this. On the ferry and even during parts of the race I felt that I just hadn't quite recovered enough, I figure I was maybe about 90% fit. I gave it my bet shot, but felt like I was holding back and not descending very well. This all caught up with me near the end. I really struggled during the last 5 miles. Reminding me of my first effort at this race back in 2012 (6:20). I am pretty sure I will give it another go in 2016, as I still feel that I haven't had the race I think I'm capable of yet.

I finished 11th out of 73, in 6 hours 3 : 38. Tom Cringle won in 5 hours 18 : 24.

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