Buttermere trail race : 17th April

590 feet

A really nice day for this beautiful little loop around Buttermere. This was my 2nd consecutive year. I felt I had a decent run, and fished in a similar time to last year. Albeit the conditions were a bit better. On the run in towards the finish I closed in, then ran alongside, a guy for the last mile or so. I tried to save a bit for the inevitable battle as we neared the finish. Just as I was about to up the pace, he did. this continued until about 200 meters before the line. I then dug in to keep with him, and with 50 meters to go managed to just about out sprint him for the line. I was never ahead of him except for the last 5 meters. It proved worth it as I ended up with 3rd place because a lady won the overall race.

I finished 4th out of 173 in 1.13:43. Heidi Davies won in 1.11:29. Cracking effort from her to win the race overall!

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