The Grand Tour of Skiddaw : 3rd September

44 miles

7,100 feet

I had high hopes for my second bash at this race. Feeling fit, and knowing I lost at least 20 minutes wandering off course last year, I felt I could at the very least get a PB. But I also wanted to be at, or near the front of the race.

After the first climb of High Pike I was in 5th place. Jacob the eventual winner, was already a speck in the distance, and Paul Nelson (eventual 2nd) wasn't too far behind him. I closely followed Andrew Morely and Michael Irving as we descended High Pike (above photo). I ran down Glederatera valley with Michael, Andrew had gained a 400 meter gap. On exiting the valley I started to pull clear of Michael as the weather got worse and it started to rain. On the climb of Skiddaw, close to the top it was very cold with driving rain, as Andrew put his jacket on I closed in on him and we ran together until near the end.

me approaching Lattrig CP

Andrew Morely (4th)

Michael Irving (7th)

We both closed in on 2nd placed Paul Nelson, but when he noticed us about 2 miles from the end he reacted and maintained his 500 meter gap. Andrew allowed me 3rd stating that he wouldn't sprint it out as he would probably have gone wrong in the race and finished much further back, if he wasn't with me. I Gratefully accepted his kind gesture and pushed on for the last 200 meters, to finish a satisfying 3rd out of 75 in a new PB of 7.53.46.

the finish line

Andrew and I at the Start

winner Jacob Snochowski near High Pike

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