Arant Haw

14th April 2007
5 miles 1,800 ft

This was a notable race as my parents joined me for the first; and to this date July 2008 (as I type this); the only time. The came to see what this fell running thing was all about.

They couldn't have picked a better day it was sunny and fairly warm. It certainly felt warm as we set off from The village hall, around Winder, and up onto Arant Haw. Their is a small descent off the left shoulder of Winder before the long climb around and onto the top of Arant Haw. The run off was very fast. I spent some of this time chatting to the winner of the junior race, before we spli on the slight rise onto Winder. Then there was only a sharp drop down off Winder to the hall and the finish. It is an excellent little race and definitely one of my favourites.

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