Recce of Bob Graham Round Leg 4 Wasdale to Honnister

7th March 2007
17 miles 8,000 ft
I started on a nice sunny day, by running from Honister Slate Quarry to Wasdale. This is about 6 miles and 1,600 ft extra to the leg itself. A bit of extra training. The day was cold to start of with but after running over the shoulder of Base brown and down to Sty head, It was already getting sunny and very warm. Unfortunately I wore too many clothes and only a bum bag, so I was heating up a fair bit by the time I reached Wasdale and the start of my recce of leg 4.

The climb up Yewbarrow is very steep, and not a line that walkers normally ascend by. So I new the pair in front were probably fell runners. I turned out to be correct, and after climbing then descending Yewbarrow I caught them on the ascent of Red Pike. They were doing a shorter recce ending at Great Gable, and so were moving fairly fast. It was good to have company, and someone to take a photo of me for a change. But as we approached Kirk fell I started to feel it. I was over heating and I could feel my heart beat in my shoulders, then the earth felt like it was moving. All classic signs of a "bonk". My energy levels had dropped below a critical point. By the time we reached the next peak Great Gable I could not keep up with them, I let them go and sat down to attempt to stretch the cramp out my legs.

The rest of the run was no fun. Even when I took a break on Green Gable and a nice lady took my photo, after I took hers, I still felt rough. You will probably be able to spot the photo without me indicating it. The rest of the leg is normally an easy run, over Brandreth then Grey Knotts then down to Honister. For me it was extremely tough. On the up I had cramps in my legs and on the downs I had stitches in my sides. Add to this the fact that I had run out of water, and you get an idea of the nightmare end I had, to what should have been a nice run.

Getting to the car meant water at last. When I finally sat in the car my legs cramped up excruciatingly for about 5 minutes. The drive back was awful too, I have never felt so ill after a run before. I think it was probably Heat stroke, brought on be dehydration. It was a really tough run but one which I will never forget, and I got some nice photos. Even if I do look rough on some of them.

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