3 day Ramsay's Round Recce

The final 24 hour round takes me to Scotland. Fort William is the new focus of my attention and specifically the 24 Munros (well technically 23 as 1 got demoted since Charlie’s Round in 1978) that makes up Charlie Ramsay’s round. I have previously been to Fort William on several occasions. At the end of my 2003 walk of the West Highland Way, on completing the WHW race in 2004, on doing the Lochaber Marathon twice (2005, 2006) and in doing the Ben Nevis Race in 2006. Even after all these trips the only 2 Scottish Munros I had “bagged” were Ben Lomond – a detour whilst walking the WHW – and Ben Nevis. So I embark on a real adventure. Over the coming months I will learn the Rmasay Round route in the same way I did the BG and PB.

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