Day 1 The hardest Munro

4th April
25 miles 9,100 ft

Saturday was planned to be the long day of the two. It proved to be, but not quiet as we planned it. It proved a tough way to bag 1 new Ramsay Round Munro.

Our initial Idea was to run from Glen Nevis Car Park where Wills truck would be left. Then follow the River of Nevis over and around to Loch Elide Mor then run all the Mamores back to either the Youth Hostel or the car depending on levels of tiredness.

Will, Ian and I followed this plan well for a while getting a soaking from the incessant drizzle as we made our way down the side of the river. We trudged through heavy ground before reaching the shooters track and easier running ground. After 3 hours 20 minutes of run walking we reached the foot of Sgurr Elide Mor. This ascent proved taxing and the rain seamed to get heavier. We made the top and bizarrely it was dead calm (maybe the eye of a mini storm). We descended to the track that skirts around Binnein Mor and leads to Binnein Beag. At the bottom we put some on extra clothes as the wind started to bite. The ascent of Binnein Beag was good. We had a quick chat with some walkers on the top then managed to track too far right onto tricky rocky ground on the right, never again! As we ascended Binnein Mor the cold began to bite and my hands were numb. Even with winter climbing gloves and jacket on, the combination of rain then icy 50 mph gusts with snow chilled my body and hands.

We ascended too direct and had to track right around to the ridge, kicking steps in the snow covered slope, it was now almost a white out, and once I gained the ridge the wind was even worse. I continued but had to stop as Ian was nowhere to be seen. Will went back for him – he had slipped and fell 15 feet but was o.k – now that I was stood still my whole body was cold, and I began to shiver. When they caught me up and said that they had enough I was glad. I was ready to get out of their anyway. So we decided to descend to Mamore lodge via Na Gruagachean. We then joined the West Highland Way for a few miles, the wind was still quite strong and I was still uncomfortably cold. So Wills idea to ascend to the col between Sgurr A Mhaim and Stob Ban was a good one, at least I would warm back up again. So we slogged off up the 2,000 ft ascent and over the other side to thankfully land back at the car 10 hours after leaving it.

In all we had bagged one new munro and spotted the correct line onto Sgurr Elide Mor . It was probably the hardest way to gain 1 new summit. But we vowed to scrap the previous day 2 plans and carry on where we left off, and finish the Mamores once and for all.

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