Bill's Paddy Buckley Round

For me
Glydderau 9 miles 5,700 feet
Carnddau 9.5 miles 4,300 feet

Another weekend and another night’s sleep missed. But it is a very enjoyable way to do it. On my way to Llanberis I pick up Ian and travel down to meet Bill at his second rest stop at about 02:45 on Saturday morning. Bill had started at Aberglaslyn at 19:00 and was the time he arrived 1 hour 20 mins up. A quick piece of Wynn’s beautiful choccy cake and we were off.

Bill had a quick 11 minute break and we headed off on the detour route – around a film set in the quarries – up to the first top Elidir Fawr. We made good progress and soon we were looking down on the spread of lights that surround Llanberis. The cloud on the first few tops mixed with a dark night and slippery rock kept Bill to a steady pace. It was probably a good thing given his fat start. We continued around the next few peaks and prior to starting up the Glydders I refilled the eater bottles at Devils kitchen. We negotiated the slippery rocks on the Glydders fairly well and I even managed to take a few photos in the early morning light. A quick down and we were now on Tryfan. I tried to miss out the South top but in doing so I contoured around the left too far and went beyond the summit. I apologised profusely as we back tracked onto Tryfans rocky top to touch Adam, or was it Eve? I still owe you a pint Bill. We made steady progress down to Ogwyn and Bills next pit stop. Near the bottom I take off in order to sort my kit out for the next leg.

After a 11 minute break Ian joins us for the long slog up Pen yr ole Wenn . By now the sun is out and although it is only 08:00 it is warming up. We make good progress and I take some photos on the ridge. As we traverse the Carneddau it gets progressively brighter and warmer. We all enjoy the run as this is probably the easiest part of the entire round. After descending the last peak, Pen lythrig y wrack I head off near the bottom to tell the support what he wants to wear next and what he would like to eat. I arrive at Capel Curigs Pinnacle café and tell Wynn and Jean his needs. Ian and Bill appear after 5 minutes and he is still looking good. My 8 hour run with Bill is over, I whish him luck and he heads off for the next 7 plus hour section – his last leg- with his new support.

Ian, Will and I head back to Ogwyn to pick up my car. Ian and I decide to have a bath in the stream next to Pen yr Ole wenn. That was seriously cold and certainly woke me up, after my night of driving and running with no sleep. We kill some time having a meal in Bedgellert than head for Aberglaslyn to wait for Bills arrival.

We all get a bit nervous as the clock ticks to 18:40. 20 minutes left. But then we hear voices Iain and Sara have run ahead to tell us he is not far behind. Then Huw, Moo (sara), John Fleetwood and Rob Woodall appear. They part and let Bill slap the road sign and let out a sigh of satisfaction and fatigue. 23 hours and 45 minutes after leaving Bill is back and completed the Paddy Buckley. Just the Charlie Ramsay round left for Bill now. A great job well done.

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