14th August TMB training

Well after a bit of a rest from my tour Blogging I am refreshed and ready to Blog again. So here goes….

To catch up, I have been in hard training for the TMB. I have over the past couple of weeks almost run myself into the ground. In the past week I have: run a half marathon on Monday (1:45) followed by a 2 hour bike ride on Tuesday then a hard interval session on Wednesday, then on Thursday another half Marathon (1:50 hard work), Saturday was a repeat of 2009s 3 times up Skiddaw and Sunday was a 10 mile run that felt really tough. I truly am ready for a taper and some rest.

The Skiddaw run seemed to work for the 2009 TMB so I decided to repeat it for this year’s race. I did it on Saturday 13th August, but this time it was mentally a bit easier as Will Houghton accompanied me for 2 of the reps and did ¾ of a final rep on his own. We split up after the 2nd ascent because Will was suffering from cramp. Understandable as he has not been doing the long tough runs that I have over the last 3 months. I completed the run in 5 hours 22 minutes, 18 minutes faster than 2009, but this time only with a bum bag, not the 3 kilo pack I will have with me for the TMB. The final rep was the fastest at 1 hour 6 mins up and 36 mins down, so that was pleasing. I have broken all my training times and I feel in good shape for the TMB so I am positive about having a good run in at the TMB. If all goes well I feel that a realistic target is for a sub 30 hour round. If not a fall back of a new PB (under 32h 52m) will do.

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