25th August 1 day to go to the UTMB

Well I am sat here in my hotel in Chamonix trying to think my way through this race. I have thought through a lot of scenario’s, heat, blisters, strains, what happens if I start to suffer fatigue etc. But now after that last few days of heat followed by an afternoon storm, I am forced to start thinking about the cold. Yes the forecasts suggest it could be a wet and cold UTMB this year. I just hope that the forecast is a bit overstated. But it looks certain that we will get wet at some point. Never mind it’s all part of the challenge. I feel well rested and ready for it, whatever the weather.

I did intend watching the first finishers of the TDS race tonight but the overly optimistic first finisher’s time on the website looks to be a bit out. Tracking the race online it appears the winner will finish at about 01:30am not the forecast 11:30pm, a bit past my bed time. So I think I will scrap that idea and just have a stroll over to see if they have any video footage of the start.

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