12th July Tuesday A long TMB training run

  Nothing much to report from Monday, not even worth a post just a hot day resting for a long run on Tuesday.

I decided that instead of doing a climb from Les Houches to the Gouter hut and back, I would be better off doing a long training run that was more like the TMB course. So I got the bus to Col De Montets; again; and did the TMB route to La Flagere; again; but this time I climbed over the Col De la Gliere then descended down to Plan Praz, then ascend to Le Brevent before descending back to Chamonix via Bell Lachat. It was a hot day and by 9am I could feel the heat. Never the less it was an enjoyable 5 hour run even though the trails were a little busy for someone running.
I have tried to estimate the distance and ascent but it is tricky as I don’t have a map that goes beyond Le Brevent. But I think that it was about 1,900 meters and 13 miles in 5 hours 5 mins.


In the evening I watched the speed climbing section of the world cup series. It was good to see these pros climbing at a sprint. The final was between a Czech and a Russian climber. The Russian won it in a world record time of 6.37 seconds, incredible. A Polish lady won the women’s race in 8.5 seconds. Tomorrow night it is the problem wall.

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