7th July Thursday a run with Vince

The first person that I spoke to when arriving at the campsite a week ago was, not that I knew it at the time, a 22 year old Canadian guy called Vince. After visiting friends in Switzerland he returned to the campsite as my neighbour. We have been talking ever since.

He asked me if I would like to go for a run. I had little planned for the day so thought why not. We had a nice little jog down the valley towards Argentiere, it was easy for me as Vince hasn’t run for 6 weeks (he did however manage to summit Mont Blanc with his friend). During the run we talked about his ascent, and I have now realised that to get your foot in the door to these high mountains you really need to start off being paired up. Soloing is for the experienced; up to the glaciers is o.k. Beyond it is really a 2 man job. Plus, even if you were to atempt it in one go, without the support that the record breakers get, it would be best to set of at 9pm and get to the Gouter for 3 am. You could then join the masses to the summit. I also told him a bit about Ultra running and about the TMB which he seemed fairly intrigued by.

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