9th July Gaz problems again

Most of my Saturday was taken up, again, by problems with my Camping gaz. After cooking breakfast I started my daily routine of gathering heat sensitive items of food, and also the Butane Camping Gaz cylinder together to put in the shade under the car. The gas cylinder felt very light. I shook it and there was very little liquid in it. Not good after just 2 days use. Thinking at the time that I didn’t switch the gas off properly and let it leak away, I spent the rest of the day tracking a new cylinder down. I eventually found some in a shop in Le Praz, but only after resorting to asking where there is a camping shop at the tourist information centre. I am typing this on a sunny Monday morning after discovering that my stove has been very slowly leaking. I affected a fix on the pressure vessel and it seems o.k. now. Either the screws had worked loose, or the seal is worn and the olive oil I put on it is only going to buy me a bit of time. I will just have to keep a close eye on it, and if it leaks again I will stop using it.

It makes me think that on that Saturday morning it was leaking whilst I was cleaning my cool bag after discovering some rancid milk in the bottom of it (overpowering any gas smell!). I think whilst I was doing this for 2 hours after breakfast it was slowly discharging 200 grams of gas into my tent. It’s a good job the front was open. But even so later that day I struggled to remember what I had done for the earlier part of the it and where I had been, now I know why. I think I did partly gas myself. Oops.

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