8th July Friday a trail run to Aiguillette Des Houches and Le Brevent

As the forecast was for showers in the afternoon I decided to go for a trail run rather than for a planned ascent of Buet (3,070m). I believed the forecsast would be accurate as the dawn was misty, and we had had a violent thunder storm in the middle of the night. I had promised Vince a trip to a shop near St Gervais, as he wanted some energy bars that he said were the best he had ever had, and I needed some Camping gaz, again. That last one can’t have been full. So at the shop I instantly recognised the gas. It was a real stroke of luck as we expected to have to find a large supermarket to buy it. Vince got a vast amount of Quechua energy bars, I did too, thought I might as well try them.

After returning Vince set off for a hike up the side of the Bossons glacier, and at 11 am I set off on the long trail to Aiguillete Des Houches. After 2 hours of traversing the hillside I finally arrived on its summit. It is a new summit for me which is always good, even though I am not really a peak bagger. The clouds looked threatening as they clung to the Mont Blanc Massif so I had a bite to eat and got a move on, this was a TMB training run anyway so “Vite” was the order of the day. I quickly descended to Bell Lachete then re ascended to Le Brevent. A place I have visited many times now, but it is still a nice high spot to appreciate the much higher peaks on the Mont Blanc side of the valley. After a quick break it was time for the descent with rain threatening. I had to go a longer way around as the trail was closed on my usual line back to Chamonix, so it took longer than usual; about 66 minutes; still not bad for a 1,500m ascent. I also saw a 2 foot long black and white snake on the diversion route, and it was a very nice, if overly winding descent track.

I finished in Place du Triangle just as it poured down with rain. But it was only a sharp shower and I was soon off back to the campsite, buying a can of Orangina on the way. This seems to be tradition now, even though they are 1.50 Euro. A small treat for a good run I suppose.

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