14th July Thursday Heading for home

I decided that an overnight stop near Reims would be a good idea to break up the journey home. This would mean a 390 mile journey from Chamonix to Reims followed by a 200 mile from Reims to Calais. Then one of my good friends from my University days, Jason, Is kindly having me stay over at his place in Wellwyn Garden City. All this breaks up the journey into manageable chunks. I was keen to avoid another 520 mile journey (Potes to Mataro).
So after taking down my big tent for the last time I left a damp Chamonix behind. It was a bad start as my sat nav took me on a scenic route through Les Houches and over a mountain pass. I cursed it but then though it may have been my fault. I think that whilst reviewing the route with the rubbish touch screen (apple it definitely isn’t) I may have altered the course then saved it. Ah well it was a nice route, well it would have been had I not had another 370 miles to go.
I went to the first choice site near Reims but found nothing. I wasn’t so sure about the translation in Google, I think it may have meant Champagne, not camping, because there was a nice champagne chateaux. So I put in the next choice which meant another 65 miles, a total of 460 miles. I am glad though as I am at one of the best campsites of the whole trip, and only 12 euros per night. Maybe I will come back and stay longer another time. I’ll have to figure out exactly where I am first though! I know I only have 120 miles tomorrow to Calais then a further 100 miles to Jason’s gaff. I also have a very easy camp to pack into the car, even if it does look like I should be at Glastonbury! Life is good.
I won’t post until I get home now on Saturday or Sunday. But safe to say I have been doing a lot of reminiscing over the last two days. My last post on this trip will be about my gathered thoughts on the whole experience.

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