11th June Saturday A run in the heat again

It felt quite strange today running in the heat with a cold. But at least I managed to find somewhere to run. This campsite has fences all around it and the only exit and entry point, at the road, is a busy dual carriageway with no footpath. I did have to dice with death for about 400 meters until I found a track that follows the river.
I ran for an hour and 15 minutes which was a bit longer than intended. I decided to go down the river towards the sea, crossed it at a bridge and follow it back. I knew the next bridge was back up river beyond the campsite, but had no idea how far. With no water and 26c heat it was a bit of a gamble. But luckily the bridge was only another mile there, and a mile back to the campsite. The only notable part of the run really, was the flock of flamingo’s I saw at the estuary near the sea.
As a load of kids (and parents naturally) move in, it has become a lot noisier. I only hope they are local weekend trippers. I long for the mountains even more now. I have to endure / make the best of this place until Friday. Another trip into Montpellier is on the cards as it is a nice city, and this time I will take my camera.

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