31st of May 1st and 2nd of June

My journey across the Pyrenees to relocate in Font Romeu went smoothly. The 45 mile journey across passa del cassa was a nice drive. Foggy at times but then I was high up in the mountains. I arrived at the Hutopia campsite just as it started to drizzle. I met a really nice French guy who happened to be the manager, and he filled me in with the details. It is a campsite set in a national park; with a good eco ethic; so it wasn’t too much of a surprise to see 3 deer just after putting up the tent. What was a surprise was that the campsite is near empty. It has only just opened but I never expected to be the only person here in a tent.  It is like a campsite slowly waking up from hibernation.

I think I am finding out why today. As I type this it is snowing and has been on off for much of the time, apart from a 2 hour midday interlude for some really strong sun.  I suppose being at 1,750m has its difficulties.  
Earlier today I got a forecast off the really helpful French site manager (sorry still haven’t got his name) which suggested that today was going to be the best day; In the next 3; to have a go at the regions highest peak, Puig Carlit 2921m. So I got my gear together and set off over Coll Del Pam and down to the base of the mountain. I did this on some beautiful trails. But on approaching La Bolloseta the wind picked up and the clouds looked menacing. It was a seriously cold wind and even at my altitude of 2,000m I was really cold. I could just about run into the wind on the flat. I made it to the information point sheltered and put my hat and gloves on. The lady said troi jeurs mal. She spoke broken for me, but I understood it. It means the next 3 days will be no good for ascending Puig Carlit. Beyond that is anyone’s guess.

So, again, I turned back, but this time I headed for another hill, it also made a different route back. The much simpler pisted La Gallinera 2127m. It was disappointing but the weather made Puig Carlit it an impossible summit on the day, and the snow on the mountain looked fairly tricky even if the weather was reasonable.
As I type this I am starting to think that this recent snow fall might make all the hills tricky. I will look at a slightly easier mountain on Friday. The only problem is I haven’t got a map for it yet.



ginabetteley said...

Hi, have finally checked out your blog - you sure have been busy! It looks and sounds as though you have having the most amazing time, am really happy for you that you decided to do this. Will make sure to check back again soon, keep up the fab exercise - you are now officially doing my share!! Impressed at you doing your own washing too - as will your Mum be! Take care xxx


It is good fun. I have to keep busy (no t.v) so that I dont miss home life too much.