14th June Meeting Thomas and a trip to Montpellier

A thunder storm late yesterday afternoon cooled things down a bit overnight. But the morning started off much the same as any other, in that it was hot, and I did the same routine of, eating, clearing up, and then sorting myself out. But with a bit of time to kill prior to catching a bus I got talking to Thomas. A nice French guy (23 and an avid Doctor Who fan) a bit down on his luck and living in a small Quechua  tent. After a strained conversation, as usual his English being better than my French, we decided to go to Montpellier together.
During the day a learned that he has no fixed abode and after 3 weeks of rough camping has started to live at the campsite. He is very tight for money and has lived on French sticks and water for 2 months. I respect him for that it must be really tough. He reluctantly accepted my invitation to buy him a Macdonalds in Montpellier. I realise it is not the nutrition he needed, but he said he would go wherever I was going, and genuinely that was a planned treat to myself that day. We both enjoyed it and I gave him the change, only about 6 Euros but I suppose all helps.
When I went food shopping I again felt guilty but I need proper food. I would really struggle to do what he is doing however cheap it would turn out to be, and when you have the choice! We missed our bus so whilst waiting for another bus I got us a nice cool drink at a shady bar. He learned that he has a good job in Lattes starting in September during the day, so good news for Thomas at last. He also is going to do some jobs at the site when they get busy in 2 weeks’ time. He is a nice guy and deserves some luck as his family are not; for reasons I didn’t delve into; supporting him. Something I have probably taken for granted. But as he understood all too well I can go home whenever I want by any means I want (I have money to fly o whatever it took) and no I would be welcome when I got there. It reminds me that what I am doing it not tough at all, what he is doing is tough; respect.

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