16th and 17th June Thur and Fri and Sat am Move form Palavas to Morzine

The night prior to my move to Morzine I decided to treat Thomas to some pasta accompanied by his recommendation of Greyer cheese. I bought some wine as well; the wine was the same price as the cheese! All in all a good evening, and a late bed time after more strained French – English and English – French conversation. If he was English or Moi French I think we could have discussed everything we talked about since meeting him, in about 1 hour.

Packing my tent and gear away is always more tricky than it looks, and to prove this for Friday mornings move I had a photographer to take some action shots, that photographer was Thomas. There was a whole menagerie of insects living in, or on the tent. Apart from the normal snails spiders and ants; we found a scarab beetle (I didn’t know this Thomas said it was a Scarab) , a frog and I found what looks like a very big moth having a snooze on my tent, he took some waking up to send on his way, and he flew off like a small bird.

On demolition, as Thomas liked to refer to it as, of my tent, it was time to leave Eden Camping and Thomas. I offered him 20 Euro trying to say that in terms of my budgeted 1100 euro a month (which I am currently way exceeding) 20 Euro is very little. Still he didn’t want to accept, until finally he accepted 10 euros, but only after I told him that when he comes to Lancaster he can buy me a drink; a proper pint not a euro measure.
After a 5 ½ hour drive I arrived in a drizzly, cloudy Morzine. I set up the tent in the wet with the inner still attached, not a good idea as I was to find out. As soon as I got it up it started dripping through water into the sleeping area. I managed to wipe the underside of the tent and stop it, but this morning Saturday 18th, after a whole night of nonstop rain it has started again. I think it is wetting out with the condensation of cooking and my breath on the inside attracting the rain through from the outside. I pray the manager is right and better weather is on its way.

I had a couple of pints, yes pints not mini strong euro beer, in a local English style bar last night. Ialso heard the first English voices for 20 days!

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thomas.gauthier said...

bonne continuation. j'ai était enchanté de te rencontrer. Bientôt c'est moi qui va venir dans ton pays, et on fera quelque fête et nous mangerons du pain qui coute très cher ;°)