22nd June A quiet day then a storm

After the previous two days, I needed a rest. My legs were tired and my grazes a bit sore. So I had a walk into Morzine to look for some more Camping Gaz (pictured). I have about a week worth of gas left so I will need 1 more, maybe 2 as Grindelwalds (next destination) weather forecast looks like it could be cold (9c high, 4c low!). It was a fruitless trip, although I could have bought some of that at the outdoor market. So dodging the sun, as I had forgotten my hat and had no sun protection on, I made my way back. Whilst on the way back I noticed a dear sheltering from under the trees out of the strong sun. I fumbled about to get my camera out and he/she didn’t bother at all, hence the fact I got the photo. It was a really chilled out dear.
As I type this in my tent I can barely hear the music playing on my notebook (full volume) for the rain battering on the down on the roof. It was a good day up till about 5 pm when a thunderstorm came in, and it has rained ever since, it is now 10pm!
The main crash wound. A Souvenir to take from Morzine.

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