26th June Sun Ascent of Schwarzhorn

Well that was a tough ascent.  I think that most people I passed on the way to the summit had got the cable car to the “First” station (slightly misleading in that it is actually the last stop) and then set off for the summit, with a 1000 meter head start on me. The” first” cable car stop is at 2,000 meters, and Grindelwald is at 1,000 meters, Schwarzhorn is 2,930m. It is the highest in the Brienz commune.
The first part of the ascent to about 1,800 meters is on roads. So the fact that I was wearing my newly repaired fell shoes didn’t seem to matter (the sole had pulled away slightly). But higher up at about 2,400 meters I was glad I had them as there was some loose scree and the final ridge needed a bit of care too. I enjoyed the ascent although it was a bit on the hot side.
Whilst descending I noticed a sign that I didn’t see on the ascent. Thinking back a large group if hikers were sat covering it up. I can’t help thinking on purpose too, as they never said to me that the route I was taking was towards the rock climbing and via Ferrata route. Luckily I veered off and onto the correct route by following a chap ahead.

The descent was good though and it took me 1hour 10 minutes, the ascent was 2 hours 45 minutes, making it a long day out in the heat. The ascent is 1,950 meters, making it the longest continuous ascent I have ever done. Good training for Mont Blanc, but not enough snow. Maybe a trip up to Jungfraujoch on the train can fill that gap in the training. I will see if the budget will stretch to the £50 round trip.

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