12th and 13th Sun, Mon Hot again and some ponderings

Well it’s hot and yesterday I had a day of chores. It was a restless night sleep however. The local campsite parties didn’t die down until about 1 am. Then I got a bit freaked out by scratching noises about 2 feet from my head. Eventually I got some sleep, safe in the knowledge that whatever was scratching was on the other side of the inner sheet, and fairly small. Whilst awake listening to the local nightclubs music at 05:30am, I pondered some of the things I haven’t put in this Blog. Either because I tried to wipe the trauma from memory, or I just didn’t see them as significant at the time. Here they are.
1 Getting back from Barcelona having been pick pocketed, to find that cats had dragged my cool bag of food from under the car and ripped big holes in it, Violated twice in one day.

2 Three days ago moved the car back towards my tent, forgetting that, that same repaired bag was under the car, crushing some eggs, and some prized Mcvitties Chocolate digestives.
3 The comedy of trying to have a chat with the local bar man in Font Romue. It was the same strained conversation most nights He looked like a French version of Master chefs Greg Wallace. A nice chap though.
4 The pure horror of going to have a shower at Mataro’s campsite on the 2nd night and putting my hand in human excrement. Yes you read right.  This needs a bit of explaining. There is a ledge to put your bags on in the showers. I noticed what I thought was a pair of rolled up dark briefs, when I went to push them to one side to my utter shock the texture was not that of cloth. Ouch. It’s taken me a while to come to terms with this one.
5 The constant pain of tolls when on your own on a right hand drive car.

In the morning I discovered that 3 beetles had crawled in-between the ground sheet on the tents porch and the footprint groundsheet. So I sprayed lots of insect repellent in the area.
Today I had a run, which was at least as hot as any run I did in Mataro. It wasn’t just me the runners I saw had that pained expression on their faces, as did I I am sure. Tomorrow I will visit Montpellier this time to record its charm. I booked a mountain bike for 2 days in Morzine, and Booked a Hotel and some flights for the Tour of Mont Blanc. I think I will have had enough of the camping lifestyle by then!

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D Kelly said...

That reminds me of a rhyme I learned years ago...

Find a turd, pick it up, all day long you'll have a smelly hand.

Or something along those lines! :)