25th June The Eiger Reveals herself

Today my friendly Swiss next door neighbour pointed out to me that the rock face 600 meters from the campsite, which has been mostly covered in clouds the last two days, is in fact the North face of the Eiger.  I had thought we were looking at the North East face. But tonight when it finally revealed all of itself I instantly recognised the ascent line from books I have read. We are in fact looking side on to it. It is an impressive sight unfortunately my camera doesn’t do it justice so I will try and get better photos tomorrow from my planned ascent of Schwartzhorn 2928m an ascent of 1,870m. That will keep me out of trouble!

I didn’t do much today. But when I bought a loaf of bread from the local-ish supermarket, I first was almost barged out of the way so she could stock the shelves. Then when I walked off she almost ran me over with her pallet cage. I think she was of the opinion that the people whom effectively pay her wages where getting in the way. Pretty dumb I would say. I also was going to buy a map with a plastic sleeve for the bargain price of £25. When I went to pay she slipped it out of the sleeve, saying it was because it was kept outside the kiosk. Yeah right, I know that they are sold like that; anyway did she think I was going to climb a mountain indoors! So I bought one with no sleave for £18 instead. I also saw a parked up Ferrari Italia that was a sight almost as beautiful as the Eiger this evening
This is not the Eiger but another stunning peak ending in horn I think at the other end of the campsite.

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