15th June Hottest run of the year

My new friend, Thomas (pronounced Thoma), joined me for some breakfast in my tent this morning. I offered to up the nutrition of his bread and water with some jam. He appreciated it. I also gave him some peanuts, which I unwittingly bought thinking that they were cashews, in French peanuts is Cacahuets!  This added up to making me late setting off for my run. Not that I am on a tight schedule, I just know that it gets hot at 11 o’clock.

By the time I set off it was 11:30 and it was hot. I can safely say it was the most oppressive heat I have run in this year. One and a half hours was tough, and I just about managed it. After the run I talked to Thomas for a while with the aid of computer translation, to make things a bit easier.  Later in the evening Thomas met me in the bar and we had a glass of wine and a strained chat. After this we noticed the eclipse of the moon and stood there in awe of the beauty. Eclipses in a warm climate look much better, brighter and clearer. Altogether not a bad day, but seriously hot, about 30c in the shade!

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