19th June The Fantasticable

Whilst in the pub last night on the internet; drinking coffee so as not to create more condensation in my tent; I learned that the Zip wire, called the Fantasticable, near Chatel would be open tomorrow (Sunday) then shut until Friday.  As I am moving on Friday I decided to alter my plans of tackling the mountain opposite the campsite (Pointe de Nantaux 2170m) and go to the zip wire instead. It was even more important as I don’t think I will go to Locarno to the Goldeneye bungee jump.
The normal route to it is a 56 mile round trip, around the hills. After studying the map I realised that I could head up the valley out of Essert Romand and past Lac de Montriond to Les Lindarets . It would be a round trip of 16 miles. All I had to do was walk up to the zip wire (about 1,300 feet) do it get the cable car back up and then run down to the car. That is exactly what I did, and I am proud of my 40 miles saved. After all I am clocking up enough car miles as it is (about 1700 so far).
After being forced to negotiate a herd of cows on the footpath I found that the zip wire looked closed; it was shrouded in mist and looked eerie.  But by the time I figured out that the workers were sheltering in a hut, paid 34 euros, and got suited up, the clouds parted and it was time to worry a little. This is no 190 meter bungee jump, but it still gets the heart going a bit. The rides; I say rides because you do two switching half way; were really enjoyable. Apart from the wind speed it doesn’t feel that fast. The ground being far below sees to that. The ending is a bit jerky but nothing too bad.
It was a good day out and the sun had even dried my tent out when I got back. On that journey back for the first 5 miles I averaged 101 mpg! Needless to say you don’t get figures like that in a Golf GTI unless it is all downhill.

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