8th June Wednesday the changing view from the campsite

 I had a run up to some of the smaller ski piste tops today. I did a circuit, going around the Lycee sports college 1841m, then up to La Gallinera 2127m, onto Roc de la Clama 2213m then Refuge De la Calma 2117m and then by accident back through the “Foret communale D’Egat” forrest. A few navigational mistakes added to the fun, and extended the run to 2 hours 25 minutes. It’s a good job there was a very cool wind as it was a bit far with no water.

After the heavy pack needed for the assault on a snowy Puig Carlit on Monday, it was good to go out with minimal gear and feel like I could move properly. I have always preferred the fast and light approach; I suppose that comes from fell running. Sometimes however the extra kit is necessary to increase the safety margins. As I start to think ahead to Switzerland (16 days away) and Peaks like Jungfrau, I think minimal kit on these peaks will be impossible or dangerous.

During the morning I took a few shots of the view from the campsite looking towards Camre d’Aze. It is a stunning view and for £11 a night, it beats the hell out of the Festa Brava’s view!

I was looking through some pictures when I found this video taken on one of the first parts of the ridge, on Camre d`Aze. It doesn`t go on long like this. But the most dangerous parts were the traverse lines around the, up and down, ridge, which went on for about half a mile. Without an ice axe it felt a bit nervy.

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