23rd June A run up Pointe de Ressachaux

I delayed my planned run to, and up Pointe de Ressachaux due to the weather playing tricks on us again. The forecast was for worse weather in the afternoon, but it was transpiring to be the other way around. So when my new next door neighbours offered me a lift into Morzine I couldn’t resist. It saved me doing the run to Morzine, I still needed to do the run back but this was a lot better.
So after getting dropped off in the centre of Morzine, I set off for the steep forested slopes of Pointe de Ressachaux. The weather was cool and the clouds were down, but this meant that I didn’t get too hot on the ascent.  This was probably the reason for a rapid ascent I reached the top at 2173m in just 1 hour 25 minutes.  It was cloudy, cold and drizzly on the summit so I took a couple of pictures and descended using the same ascent route. I was down in 40 minutes and a further 20 minutes running got me back to the campsite.
I had got friendly with a lot of the new arrivals. The campsite, and Morzine has turned into little England, it is kind of nice after 4 weeks of hardly hearing an English voice and struggling with the languages. Now I talk assuming people are English. So instead of Bon Jour it is Hello. Just as I was heading into Morzine, to have a rare treat of a dinner out, my next door neighbours invited me for some dinner. It was very good of them, and it was a beautiful stir fry. They even gave me a glass of wine. Cheers Guys.

Some Video of last nights storm. When it rains in the hills it really does tip it down.

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