9th and 10th June Thursday, Friday Moving from Font Romeu to Palvaas

 I have felt low at arriving at all the campsites so far, none more so than when I arrived at the Eden Campsite in Palavas near Monpellier. I think it is the fatigue of driving and setting up camp, as well as expectations being too high; or the expectation that each campsite will be better than the last.

The drive from Font Romeu isn’t far, only about 180 miles, but it is not the distance, but more the roads that you are that is tiring. This drive was about 35 miles of downhill tight and twisty switchbacks. This was to get down to sea level from nearly 6,000 feet up. Followed by about 80 miles of what in England would be an A road.
I also brought a cold with me from Font Romeu, which also didn’t help my mood on arrival. Having had time to reflect though, this is without doubt the poorest site I have visited. No toilet paper, old haggard toilets and showers, not much space for entertainment , no freezing facilities for Ice packs (well not really I got mine done at the bar!). The one thing that looks good is the pool but I haven’t tried it yet. I suppose the free WIFI is good, but I almost daren’t ask if I charge anything up, I am worried the answer will be no. Oh I nearly forgot I saw the cleaner today hosing down the washing areas. No hands on cleaning; this is evident from the stains on all the metal; literally a hose and a spray down. Incredible! I just hope they don’t read this, second thoughts I’m not that bothered if I get chucked out.

I look back at Font Romeu and think it was a brilliant campsite it had a beautiful woodland setting in the hills, and only 12.50 euro a night off peak. Just as I was leaving I finally saw the Woodpecker that I had heard every day whilst being there. The manger who’s name (see picture) I have finally found out to be Mickaul, was also a really nice person, who was a source of information on running the hills and trails around Font Romeu. If I go back to the Pyrenees on another trip I will definitely visit.

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